The last day of the Tour of Europe

Today, April 29, 2023, Petr Oliva (CENTRUM humanitární pomoci Ukrajině), who organizes, collects, sends and sometimes personally delivers humanitarian aid for Ukrainian IDPs and refugees, was awarded the «Badge of Honor» on April 24, 2023 in Prague (Czech Republic) invited the IACA delegation to his office-warehouse, which is located in the administrative district of Prague 5. Together with his daughter, he handed over 10 boxes of humanitarian cargo for displaced children and orphanages, which will be taken to our representatives in Ukraine. In addition to necessary things they gave the children several bags of soft toys.

The humanitarian cargo from the Czech Republic to Ukraine was personally delivered by a driver-volunteer Vasily Slivka, who has been engaged in passenger transportations on a route Ukraine-Czech Republic and back for a long time.

The delegation of the International Anti-Corruption Assembly ends its business trip to the Friendly European Countries. Visiting Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, the delegation met with representatives of humanitarian partners and donors, who regularly send humanitarian cargoes to Ukraine for IDPs, people who suffered during the military aggression against Ukraine, for refugees-settlers, for people forced to leave the war zones, for children, military hospitals and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Meetings were also held with volunteer organizations and individuals who help those refugees from Ukraine who were forced to temporarily leave the territory of Ukraine and ended up in their cities.

In the Czech Republic and Italy, in the countries where the International Anti-Corruption Assembly has representative offices, the «Badges of Honor» were awarded – the Award «Gratitude to the World from the Ukrainian People for the Humanitarian Component of the Victory». These awards were given to people who help our refugees both in Ukraine and abroad. Among them are volunteers who help and provide for those in need, as well as helping our military in every way possible to provide for our refugees, private entrepreneurs who have helped to find jobs, doctors who provide medical care, and officials from city and district administrations who have given shelter to our refugees.

The awards were also presented to the Heads of IACA representative offices in Europe:

Roman Romanskyy – Head of IACA representations in Italyї.

Since February 24, 2022 regularly organizes collection, transportation and delivery of humanitarian cargo for population of Ukraine, including internally displaced persons, refugees-displaced persons, people in need of assistance and others, for the needs of the Armed Forces, other military formations, according to the project «Initiative of the Present», controlling the links of the cycle of international humanitarian cargo provision by foreign donors. Helping refugees in Italy.

Moreno Zucchetti – Head of IACA Representative in Malta.

Organizes the collection and delivery of humanitarian cargo for the population of Ukraine, including internally displaced persons, refugee resettlers, people in need of assistance, etc.

Mirella Scalia – Head of IACA Representative in Bulgaria.

Organizes collection and delivery of humanitarian cargo for the population of Ukraine, including refugees, orphanages, homes for the elderly. Helping refugees in Bulgaria.

Václav Volšik – Deputy Head of the IACA representative in the Czech Republic..

Organization and control of collection, transportation and delivery of humanitarian cargo for Ukraine. Helping refugees in the Czech Republic.

Václav Volšik saw off the delegation and personally handed over two boxes of medicines for soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

A few more meetings, a few more cities and representatives of the IACA will go on the way back, carrying another humanitarian cargo for the population of Ukraine.

We express our gratitude to such open and sincere people who help Ukraine and its people in this situation.