Children’s help centers continue their activities

The «Children for Children» action continues and develops.

Children’s Help Centers, which started to be organized and opened since the end of 2023 on the initiative of the International Anti-Corruption Assembly and with the support of the International Charitable Help Corporation in territorial communities in Ukraine, continue their activities.

For more than half a year, thanks to the action «Children for Children» Centers are replenished with humanitarian aid, which is provided not by foreign investors, not by Charitable organizations, but by the participants of the action – Children – pupils of schools and nursery schools of Kyiv and Kyiv region (to date, pupils and preschool children of more than 60 educational institutions took part in the action).

The goal of the action «Children for Children» is for children who have the opportunity to help other children who have suffered from the aggression of the occupant and are in difficult life circumstances on the territory of Ukraine. This action is organized in educational institutions and is voluntary and free of charge.

Thanks to the participants of the campaign – children, their parents and teachers, now displaced children, children from military families, children from large and low-income families in Volyn, Odesa, Sumy, Zakarpattya, and soon in Poltava oblasts can get the things they need: clothes, shoes, stationery, toys… During this time, the Centers have been able to help about 200 large families with 5 to 13 children, more than 120 children from military families, about 100 children from low-income families and more than 150 displaced children.

We are grateful to all participants of the action for their responsiveness, sincerity, kindness and understanding.

Special thanks to our logistics partner Humanitarian Mail of Ukraine (Novaya Pochta) for their prompt work and fast and quality shipping services.