Charitable Organization


How to join the project

Our mission and goals

Youth Support in Rural Areas

Reducing the gap between groups of young people who have different levels of social development and prosperity

Rehabilitation and assistance to combatants and families affected by the conflict in the eastern part of the country

Return people affected in the ATO area to a full-fledged life

Centers of care for deadly patients and elderly people

Assistance to families who need to care for their relatives


In Ukraine, we work with local communities, youth, science elites and community leaders who are committed to implementing social change in different regions. Ukrainian youth has a great potential and we are trying to strengthen it.

We support modern youth initiatives and present them to the Ukrainian and international community. Our Charitable Organization promotes the dissemination of information about the best examples of contemporary Ukrainian experience in the world. Leading companies and civic organizations in Europe supported the purpose and objectives of the International Assistance Corporation and implemented the first joint projects by the end of 2015



Golban Konstantin
Head of the charity fund

Saenko Vyacheslav

Honorary President ofthe Charitable Foundation

Golban Roman
Head of the Department of Public Affairs

Saenko Alla
The head of the press service

Bychkovsky Alexander
Marketing and PR