The award has found its Hero in Spain

A few days before the New Year, Roman Roman, Head of the Coordination Center of the International Charitable Help Corporation in Zakarpattia Region and Head of the Coordination Center of the International Anti-Corruption Assembly in Zakarpattia Region, met with Vasyl Tzekh, Chairman of ASOCIACIÓN CYL PARA UCRANIA, during a business trip to Spain. The meeting took place in Valladolid (a municipality and city in northwestern Spain).

Since the beginning of the aggressor’s invasion of Ukraine, Vasyl Tzekh, together with other foreign donor partners, has been constantly organizing the collection and shipment of humanitarian cargo in Spain for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, other military formations, hospitals and the population of our country. The humanitarian cargo includes staple food and baby food, hygiene products, diapers for children and adults, clothes and shoes for kids and adults.

 The military receives food, high-calorie energy products, vehicles to ensure national security and defense of Ukraine in the combat zone, etc. according to the act of need.

For his volunteer activities, support and help, Vasyl Tzekh was awarded the «Badge of Honor» – the Award «Gratitude of the World from the Ukrainian People for the Humanitarian Component of the Victory». The award was presented by the authorized representative of the International Anti-Corruption Assembly, the Head of the Coordination Center in Zakarpattia region Roman Roman.

Vasyl Tzekh also received gratitude from military divisions for the humanitarian aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.