Humanitarian component of the Victory with Bohdan Alechko

The International Charitable Help Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the ICHC) continues to help people. The Coordination Center No.1 in Zakarpattia with distribution centers in Khust and Dragivska community under the leadership of Bohdan Alechko continues to provide volunteer activities to distribute humanitarian aid to those in need.

Bohdan Alechko is the Deputy Head of the ICHC Coordination Center No. 1 in the Zakarpattia Region, who was engaged in charitable activities before the aggressor’s invasion of Ukraine. And since February 24, 2022, he has been doubling or even tripling his activities. It regularly organizes the collection, transportation, delivery of humanitarian cargo and the provision of humanitarian aid to the population of Ukraine, including internally displaced persons, refugees, people in need, children and orphanages, camps, pensioners and people with disabilities, military formations, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, military units and hospitals. In the framework of the “Initiative of the Present” project, he controls the cycle of international humanitarian aid provided by foreign donors. He personally travels to donor partners both in Ukraine and abroad to deliver humanitarian aid.

Together with his team, Bohdan has repeatedly received Gratitude Letters «for his significant contribution to the development of the volunteer movement, active civic position, love for Ukraine, dedication and willpower, care, active support of the military and selfless charitable assistance to many soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine» and in 2022 was awarded the medal «FOR DEFENSE OF THE NATIVE COUNTRY».