«Children for Children». Centers’ mutual assistance

Recently, as part of the «Children for Children» action, the Children’s Help Center in Kuchurgan village has been replenished with humanitarian aid from children of educational institutions of the Territorial Community of Sofiyivska Borshchahivka, Kyiv region. This time, the Center found a surplus of items for a certain age group of children. Therefore, it was decided to send these items to another Children’s Help Center in Turiysk.

The «Children for Children» action within the framework of the «Humanitarian Component of Victory» project is aimed at helping children who have the opportunity to help other children who have suffered from the occupier’s aggression and/or are in difficult life circumstances in Ukraine. The aid collected in educational institutions is sent to the Children’s Help Centers in the territorial communities where IDPs, families of military personnel, large families and low-income groups of the population live.

The children who take part in the action label the boxes and sign the age of the child when packing the items for delivery. They draw postcards and write wishes for other children. These postcards are handed over by the Center staff to the children who come with the items and toys.

The International Charitable Help Corporation and the International Anti-Corruption Assembly would like to express their Gratitude to the Humanitarian Post of Ukraine (Nova Poshta) for the logistical support provided.