Gratitude and Honor not only for adults

Today, on May 6, 2024, representatives of the International Anti-Corruption Assembly and the International Charitable Help Corporation, together with the «VlAsvia» Charitable Foundation, visited the children of the Special Boarding School №11 in Kyiv for children with physical and/or mental development (with reduced vision) to wish them a happy Easter and express their gratitude and respect for participating in the «Art of Transformation» project.

The «Art of Transformation» is a powerful tool for creating the future.

War brings a lot of pain. What remains after the battle stirs the memory. But thanks to transformation, an «iron piece of negativity» can be turned into a work of art by putting good thoughts and good feelings into it.

Two months ago, the school received used tubes for transporting gunpowder and artillery shells, as well as spent 122mm and 30mm artillery shells. For two weeks, the children painted these «artifacts of our time», turning them into works of art, putting faith, hope and love for their Mother Ukraine into their works. These masterpieces were shown at the Charity Ball held on March 16 this year at the Empire Hall in Prague (Czech Republic).

Today, at the event, Vyacheslav Sayenko told the children that their artworks as «Mementos of Hope» were sent to different European countries, such as the UK, Italy, Czech Republic, Malta, Denmark, and Germany.

After the speech, Vyacheslav personally expressed his gratitude to everyone who participated in the «Art of Transformation» project and presented them with Gratitude Certificates. Also, for their significant contribution to the «Humanitarian component of Victory», the teachers of the Special Boarding School №11 in Kyiv (assistance to the military, IDPs and the needy) were awarded the Gratitude.

We received the gratitude:

1st grade pupils:
Yevhenii Deledyvka,
Yaroslav Matveev,
Matvii Serhiichuk,
Myroslav Mirza,
Timur Kemerli,
Sofia Spirina,
Vira Shevchenko.

3rd grade pupils:
Sofia Lyuta,
Sofia Pulin,
Taisiia Volotovska.

4th grade pupils:
Svyatoslav Girchenko,
Anna Kyrnos,
Olesya Perikash,
Pavlo Shevchenko.

5-A grade pupils:
Ulyana Leonenko,
Sofia-Anna Tkachenko.

5-B grade pupils:
Elena Fedorenko,
Daniela Khomenko,
Vsevolod Mirza.

6-A grade pupils:
Liana Valenti,
Vladislava Volyanovska,
Maria Petrovych,
Nikita Pavlyuk.

7th grade pupils:
Yana Perikash,
Mykyta Sikorsky.

Yuliia Viktorivna Aseyeva-Skrypkina – Chair of the Petrykivka painting studio,
Yulia Anatoliivna Shulyak, a teacher of fine arts,
Kateryna Volodymyrivna Omelchenko, a graduate of the school, teacher of English and foreign literature,
Tatiana Serhiivna Tkachenko – Practical psychologist.

This event was also attended by friends-volunteers of the Assembly and the Foundation, who organized a soap bubble show for the kids and performed songs (volunteers of the «VlAсviia» Foundation, sound engineer Oleksandr Nozdriakov and singer Anton Gubanov), to which the pupils danced merrily.

We are very pleased that we were able to organize a small holiday for the kids in these difficult times. After all, children should have a full life and enjoy every day.

Taking this opportunity, Vyacheslav Sayenko expressed his sincere gratitude to the CF «VlAsviia» for their volunteer work (the Award found its Heroes in Kyiv) and presented Vlasviia Fedorchuk, the Head of the organization, with a Gratitude for the Foundation’s staff.