«Children for Children» action (Pechersk, Kyiv)

Lyceum No. 80 took the challenge.

Recently, within the framework of the project «Humanitarian Component of Victory», the next action «Children for Children» was held. Lyceum No. 80 of the Pechersk district of Kyiv took over from Vyshneve.

The «Children for Children» action is a part of the «Humanitarian Component of Victory» project initiated by the International Anti-Corruption Assembly and the International Charitable Help Corporation.

On Thursday, April 18, representatives of the Assembly accepted the humanitarian aid that the pupils brought to the school as a charity for other children in need. Immediately after receiving the humanitarian aid, the truck with the humanitarian cargo left for the town of Turiysk. And on Sunday, the children of the Turiysk community will be able to pick up the things they need.

We are grateful to the pupils, their parents and the teaching staff of Lyceum №80 in Pechersk district of Kyiv for their help and concern…