The award has found its Heroes (Turiysk)

On Sunday, April 21, representatives of the International Anti-Corruption Assembly visited the Children’s Help Center, which opened a month ago in Turiysk and is open from 10:00 to 14:00 on Sundays. In this short time, the Center has been able to provide assistance to more than 150 large families, residents of 53 villages that are part of the local territorial community.

The Center’s volunteers try to help everyone who needs help. Having lists and contacts of low-income and large families, they notify about the arrival of new humanitarian aid in a chat room and can clarify the necessary information.

For their active volunteer work, for helping those in difficult living conditions, as well as the Armed Forces, IDPs, large families, low-income groups, and for their dedication to charity, the volunteers received the «Badges of Honor» – the «Gratitude of the World from the Ukrainian People for the Humanitarian Component of the Victory» award;

  • Koverhin Volodymyr
  • Heliuta Pavlo
  • Fedkevych Viktoriia
  • Fedkevych Oleksii
  • Fedkevych Svitlana
  • Fedkevych Boris
  • Fedkevych Tetyana
  • Olha Taradai

The Gratitude was also awarded to:

1) The team of the Children’s Help Center in Turiysk for their active volunteer work, assistance to IDPs and low-income families.

2) The collective of Turiysk Village Council – for active assistance to IDPs, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, low-income families, for help and support of the Children’s Help Center.

3) The collective of the Volunteer Sewing Factory in Turiysk for their active support and provision of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with necessary items made in the factory.

4) The collective of the Territorial Center for Social Services of the Turiysk Village Council for active support of IDPs, military personnel and low-income groups.

5) The team of «Geluta P.» for their active volunteer work and helping to transport humanitarian aid to the Children’s Help Centers.