Action «Children for Children» (Vyshneve)

In early spring of this year, on the initiative and with legal support of the International Anti-Corruption Assembly (IACA) and with the support of the International Charitable Help Corporation (ICHC) within the framework of the platform «Humanitarian Component of Victory» was launched the action «Children for Children», the purpose of which is that children who have the opportunity to help other children who have suffered from the aggression of the occupier and are in difficult life circumstances on the territory of Ukraine. This action is organized in educational institutions and is voluntary and free of charge. The collected items are sent to the Children’s Help Centers in the regional territorial communities on the territory of Ukraine, which were organized and opened at the end of last year with the assistance of the Assembly and the Foundation.

The first action was decided to be held in the city of Vyshneve (Kyiv region, Buchanskiy district).

From February 19 to February 28, 2024, the action «Children for Children» was attended by 4 schools and 8 pre-schools in Vyshneve, including:

  • Vyshnivska Academic Lyceum №1,
  • Vyshneve Academic Lyceum № 2,
  • Vyshneve Academic Lyceum “Osnova” (school 3),
  • Kriukivshchyna Lyceum “Leader”,
  • pre-school «Barvinok»,
  • pre-school «Kolobok»,
  • pre-school «Namistinka»,
  • pre-school «Romashka»,
  • pre-school «Rosinka»,
  • pre-school «Teremochok»,
  • pre-school «Cheburashka»,
  • pre-school «Yablunka».

On March 4, the collected Humanitarian Aid was handed over to the representatives of the Assembly.

Within a few weeks the collected help will be sent to Children’s Help Centers in Volyn, Odessa, Poltava, Sumy, Zakarpattya and Kherson regions.

We are very grateful to the educational institutions of Vyshneve city for their help, for such prompt actions in organization and support.
Special thanks to the Department of Education of Vyshneve City Council of Buchanskiy district of Kyiv region and Khomitska Alla Vyacheslavivna – Deputy Head of the Education Department of Vyshneve City Councilfor their support and cooperation.

The second action «Children for Children» will be held soon. Follow our news at and