Roman Roman - Head of the IACA Department in Zakarpattia region

From the first days after martial law was imposed in the country, in connection with the military aggression against Ukraine, he voluntarily mobilized in the ranks of a separate volunteer unit "Carpathian Sich". He organizes humanitarian aid for volunteer military detachments and military hospitals.

Bogdan Alechko - Deputy Head of the IACA Department in Zakarpattia region, Deputy of Khust City Council

Even prior to invasion of an aggressor on the territory of Ukraine Bogdan Alechko was engaged in charity. And since February 24, 2022, he has been doubling or even tripling his activities. He regularly organizes the collection, transportation, delivery of humanitarian cargo and the provision of humanitarian aid for the population of Ukraine, including internally displaced persons, refugees, people in need, children, orphanages and camps, pensioners and people with disabilities, military formations, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and military hospitals under the Initiative of the Present project, controlling the links in the cycle of international humanitarian cargo provided by foreign donors.

Lyudmyla Svoren - Head of the NGO "I Hear with Kohler"

The Zakarpattia NGO "I Hear with Kohler" provides various types of services for people with hearing problems.

Over the past year, Lyudmila and her team have been helping the military, IDPs, disabled children, and socially vulnerable groups.

Photo from Lyudmila Svoren’s Facebook page


Hanna Romanenko – Head of the Charitable Foundation "Mission of Health"

The Health Mission Charity Fund oversees children from large families, children from single-parent families, children with disabilities or health problems, children whose family members have disabilities or health problems, children from socially disadvantaged and low-income families, children from IDP families, children from families in difficult circumstances, children affected by military action, as well as IDPs - military.

photo from Hanna Romanenko’s Facebook page


Anna Shevchuk – Founder of the «Friends» Charitable Foundation («Dopomoha Druziv»)

Humanitarian aid to children, orphanages, and the affected communities of Irpen and Bucha (food, medicines, aid to victims of military aggression, fund raising for medicine, fund raising for military formations, donations).

photo from facebook Friends

Olga Matyazh – Public Association «BASIS of HUMANITY»

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, provides assistance to the military, people affected by military aggression, IDPs, people with disabilities and those in need. Providing medicines and food, clothing and toys for children.

photo from facebook Public Association «BASIS of HUMANITY»

Організація допомагає людям з інвалідністю, пенсіонерам, переселенцям, тим, хто втратив все або не може потурбуватись про себе. Наразі у нас є необхідність в індивідуальній упаковці, пакетах,ліках, продуктах ,а саме:фрукти,свіжі овочі,крупи, м’ясо, птиця. Щодня дня ми готуємо від 200+ порцій їжі, надаємо гуманітарні продуктові та лікарські набори.

Since the beginning of the military invasion of Ukraine by the aggressor, he was a member of regional (western) volunteer “control” organizations at customs houses to expose corrupt plans of local customs officers who were stealing humanitarian cargoes. Helped the displaced people with the issue of housing. Joined a volunteer military force. Continued his volunteer activities, at his own expense repaired cars for the military. Together with his comrades-in-arms took part in the defense of Kyiv, defended and released Bucha and Irpen, participated in military actions in the Kharkiv direction, as well as in Donetsk and Luhansk. At the moment he provides volunteer assistance to the military.

Vladimir Nikolaev – volunteer

Transportation, distribution of humanitarian cargo from abroad to the territory of Ukraine to the refugees resettlers, orphanages, nursing homes, handicapped people…

Victor Badiya – Head of the Public Union «International Union of Public Organizations – TERRITORY WITHOUT CORRUPTION»

Organization and control of the links of the all cycle to provide international humanitarian aid.

Elena Oksyutenko – Founder and Director of the NGO «Shliakh Ukrainksiv»

Involvement in human rights activities and the creation of public organizations directed on humanitarian change in Ukraine.