Charitable action “Children to Children” in Kropivnitsky

Philharmonic is a place where not only listen to classical music, but also cultivate culture, enrich the inner world and help others. The same happened on these weekends in the Kirovohrad Regional Philharmonic where, with the help of the International Charity Fund “YOU HAVE NOT ONE” conducted a charity action fund raising campaign for the Tromboseyker apparatus in the gematdelenie Kirovograd children’s regional hospital called “CHILDREN – Children”.

In the hall of the Philharmonic, guests of the event could see and buy great works of folk artists, students of the Art School, confectioners and artists.
The same for the residents of Kropivnitsky organized an auction and a concert. The program was attended by talented children of the city Kropivnitsky. There were a lot of wonderful songs, inflammatory dances, a large number of wise words about kindness, mutual help and love for one’s neighbor. At the end of the program there was a drawing of prizes graciously given by the partners of the charity action.

It is this action that has been started to raise funds for the Trombosheker apparatus in the hemotdelenie of the Kirovohrad Children’s Regional Hospital.

As the organizers say, the Foundation held a similar event for the first time, so there were a lot of fears! Despite this, everything has succeeded! And it brought joy both to the participants and to the guests of the evening.

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