Regular aid for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A few days ago, in Khust, Zakarpattia region, representatives of the NGO IACA met with a unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to transfer humanitarian cargo from Spain under the act of need.

We would like to thank ASOCIACIÓN CYL PARA UCRANIA (Spain), headed by Vasyl Tzekh, for organizing the collection and delivery of all the necessary supplies for our military at the front line. We also thank the International Charitable Foundation «Dove of Peace» represented by Oleksiy Tsyoka (Khust, Ukraine) for delivering the cargo to Ukraine.

Mr. Tsyoka is the Chairman of the ICF «Dove of Peace». Constant and powerful help to the Armed Forces of Ukraine… Participant in the ATO zone (nicknamed “Batya”), disabled by war. Constantly organizes the delivery of much-needed vehicles to the front line, medical equipment for hospitals, maternity homes, hospitals, food and clothing for the population of Ukraine.

At the same time, IACA would like to thank Roman Roman, Head of the International Anti-Corruption Assembly Coordination Center in Zakarpattia region, for his significant contribution to the Humanitarian Component of Victory.